B2Five @ CICF 2017 October 6, 2017

Yeah, thank you for all your support! We had great success in China International Comic Festival (2017.10.1 – 2017.10.5) at Guangzhou, China – B2Five were very well received by Fans!


New Omanga military series!  

We are so excited to showcase B2Five Wave 2 colored-samples first time in public! For those who keep calling for Laurel – do have a look!   

Fans who came were also able to get our Chief Designers’ Kit Lau’s autograph (with his cute comic drawing) 😊 – making it an unforgettable show experience for fans!

For those who missed this show – there are more to come for Taiwan show this week (2017.10.7-10.10, Taipei), do come and see us!

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