Blog: Wave 1 Unboxing ! September 15, 2017

Hi guys! we are the Beaver team. Today we bring you a quick look of B2five Acid Rain Wave 1

Including (BW101 R711 Speeder),( BW102  K6 jungle set) ,(BW103 K6 Stronghold) and (BW104 88TH SAND Deluxe set).

Let’s open!

(BW101 R711 Speeder)

( BW102  K6 jungle set)

(BW103 K6 Stronghold)


For easy combine

Turn the upper body to side way(90°) first ,then connect to the lower body

Also insert those arms parts with 45°

(BW104 88TH SAND Deluxe set)

Action shots

We have more preview coming soon, so please stay tuned and see you guys on next week .

Beaver Team

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