Blog:Wave 1 Interchange October 6, 2017

Hi, it’s Beaver team again! Today’s big topic is Interchange!

For Wave 1, we have 2 types of Stronghold and Speeder. Each of them have 4mm and 8.5mm connector.

To make various parts fit in different connector, we need an adapter to change 8.5mm to 4mm .
These adapters will come with “K6 Stronghold” and “88th SAND Deluxe set”.

Speeder got 3 x 4mm connectors on each side, let’s try what we can build!

a simple one “heavy fire arm “version speeder

Combine with Stronghold arms become” fort mode” Speeder and “Big Arms” Speeder


With double K6 Stronghold and 88th Stronghold
You can get a “High mobility type K6 Stronghold” and a “88th Sand Spider Stronghold”

Play with your imagination will have tons of fun. More variations are waiting for you guys to try out!

Beaver Team

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